What Are the Different Types of Abortion?


Many women choose abortion to end their pregnancies. It's common to think of abortion as one standard procedure, but they aren't all the same.

While all abortions end a pregnancy, different types are needed depending on how long you've been pregnant (gestation) and other factors. Knowing the types of abortion can help you consider your options and make the most informed choice for your situation.

The two main types of abortion are medical and surgical.

Medical Abortion

Medical abortion can take several forms, but you may be most familiar with the abortion pill. It sounds like one pill, but it refers to a combination of two strong drugs taken at two different times in the early weeks of pregnancy.

What Is the First Step of the Abortion Pill?

Most commonly, a medication called mifepristone is taken first. This blocks the progesterone hormone, preventing your pregnancy from progressing.

What Is the Second Step of the Abortion Pill?

Hours or days later, a second medication called misoprostol is taken. It causes cramping, so the pregnancy is expelled from your uterus.

Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortions are typically used later in pregnancies. This type is also used to complete a failed medical abortion. There are different types of surgical abortions, but they all involve a health professional doing a surgical procedure in a clinical setting.

What Are Some Types of Surgical Abortion?

Vacuum aspiration is done in the first trimester. Dilation and evacuation are performed in the second trimester and induction abortion is after 16 weeks. These are some types of surgical abortion procedures.

How Do I Know Which Abortion Type I'm Eligible For?

Medical abortions are only intended for a certain timeframe within early pregnancy, usually ten weeks or less. Certain types of surgical abortions are done later. The only way to know your time frame – and the type of abortion you're eligible for – is with an ultrasound.

Why An Ultrasound?

Medical professionals use limited obstetric ultrasounds to determine the gestation, location, and viability of a pregnancy. The abortion type available to you is dependent on these factors. 

How Can I Get an Ultrasound Exam?

Ultrasounds are available for free at Options Choices for Women.

Before having an abortion of any type, your first step is always to assess the number of weeks you've been pregnant to determine which option you're eligible for.

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