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Free & Confidential Pregnancy Testing

Our lab quality tests are 99% accurate and your results will be available during your appointment. Both your appointment and your results are completely confidential.

Did you know that 1 out of every 5 pregnancies ends in natural miscarriage?

You don’t need an abortion if your pregnancy isn’t viable.

Free Ultrasound Confirmation of Pregnancy

Ultrasound examinations help to determine fetal size and viability. Our licensed medical technicians provide you with a limited 2-D ultrasound that confirms the viability of your pregnancy and helps you make a fully informed decision. Our caring, professional staff is with you every step of the way and will answer any questions or concerns you may have. We provide all of our clients with an excellent standard of care. Learn More

Non-Judgmental Options Counseling

Having all the facts is important to help you make a choice that’s right for you. If your pregnancy test is positive and you have a viable pregnancy, there are three options for you to consider: Parenting, Adoption or Abortion. We are here to discuss all of your options with you in depth.

We Care About You

We are dedicated to empowering women with the information they need to consider all of their options. Pregnancy may not be what you had planned at this point in your life but you owe it to yourself to make an informed decision. No matter your age, unexpected pregnancies are common. Our compassionate and non-judgmental staff deals with these challenges every day with women of all ages and backgrounds. Our job is to listen to your concerns and educate you on all of your options.

Housing & Medical Referrals

We provide clients with assistance in temporary or transitional housing for the duration of their pregnancy. In addition, we refer our clients to local doctors, clinics and hospitals for their prenatal care.

Adoption Information & Referrals

Our staff can refer you to adoption agencies that will help you make an informed decision between parenting and adoption. We will guide you every step of the way and give you the information you need to consider adoption as a choice that’s right for you.

Material Assistance

Upon request, we do our best to provide you with limited material aid such as cribs, car seats, diapers and clothing. All items are donated by private organizations and individuals and are subject to availability. Don’t let a lack of material goods play a part in your decision. We are here for you.

Abortion Recovery Support

Our PAC Program (Post Abortion Counseling) is available to anyone of any age (male or female) who may feel traumatized by a past abortion(s). Our counselors are trained to help identify the symptoms of Post Abortion Syndrome and help move women and men along the path to emotional and spiritual healing and restoration. Learn More

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