3 Things Needed Before Abortion


You're pregnant, now what? Maybe pregnancy wasn't part of your life plan. Maybe you recently received a promotion at work and now doesn't feel like the right time to be pregnant.

If you're considering abortion, understanding the steps leading up to the procedure is important.

Take Another Pregnancy Test

Before you schedule an abortion procedure, you want to be sure you're actually pregnant.

Even if you took a home pregnancy and received a positive result, it's possible for tests to be wrong. We offer free pregnancy tests to verify the accuracy of your first test.

Schedule An Ultrasound

It may seem unnecessary to have an ultrasound if you are leaning towards abortion. However, an ultrasound provides critical information about the status of your pregnancy.

How Far Along Your Pregnancy Is
An ultrasound reveals exactly how far along your pregnancy is. Known as gestation, this information allows health care professionals to better care for you. For example, the abortion pill is only effective through the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. Without an ultrasound, you may unknowingly choose the wrong type of pregnancy termination for your situation.
On rare occasions, a pregnancy can begin to develop outside of the uterus. This is known as an ectopic pregnancy. If an ectopic pregnancy is not discovered, it can be life threatening to you. An ultrasound shows where a pregnancy is developing and will protect you from the harmful risks of an ectopic pregnancy.
As mentioned briefly above, some pregnancies will miscarry naturally. A positive pregnancy test a few weeks ago may have resulted in a natural end to the pregnancy without you knowing. Having an ultrasound will provide clarity on the best path forward with your pregnancy.

Get Tested For STDs

Even without symptoms, it is wise to get tested for STDs if you suspect you might be pregnant. Some STDs like Chlamydia, which is typically asymptomatic, can cause harm to a woman's reproductive organs if left untreated.

Next Steps

At Choices, you and your future matter. It is our desire to provide education about all the options available so you can feel confident in your pregnancy decisions.

We offer a variety of free services such as pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, housing assistance and abortion recovery care.

While we do not perform or refer for abortions, we do offer you all the information you need on the topic. Call or text us today at 732-516-0911 to schedule your free, confidential appointment. 

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