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Fetal Development: First Trimester

Week 1-2 Last Menstrual Period (LMP) and conception.

Week 3 The fetus attaches to your uterus (implantation).

Week 4 Baby’s nervous system, skin, hair, internal organs, bones and muscles have started to develop.

Week 5 The heart begins beating.

Week 6 Menstrual period is missed. Usual time a urine pregnancy test turns positive.

Week 7 Facial features visible, hands and feet forming. Baby is kicking and swimming.

Week 8 Baby is 1/2 inch long. Every organ is in place and bones are replacing cartilage. Fingers are visible, and toes begin forming.

Week 9 Baby can turn his head, frown and hiccup.

Week 11 Baby’s heartbeat can now be heard through a Doppler sound-wave stethoscope.

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